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Table 4 Data of patients with initially unresectable due to arterial plexus invasion

From: Potential risk of residual cancer cells in the surgical treatment of initially unresectable pancreatic carcinoma after chemoradiotherapy

No. Tumor location Suspected arterial plexus invasion Operative procedure Combined resection Improvement of arterial plexus invasion on CT imaging Invasion to the extra pancreatic nerve in pathological diagnosis Residual tumor Outcome from IT (month)
1 Pb Ce DP-CAR Ce Partial PLce (+) R1 44 DRD
2 Pb GDA DP-CAR Ce Partial PLce, cha (+) R0 54 AFD
3 Pb GDA DP-CAR Ce, PV Partial PL (−) R0 92 AFD
4 Pb GDA DP-CAR Ce, PV Partial PLcha, sma (+) R0 55 AFD
5 Pb GDA TP-CAR Ce, GDA, PV Partial PLce, sma (+) R0 67 AFD
6 Pb SMA DP-CAR Ce, PV Partial PLspa (+) R0 91 AFD
7 Ph CHA SSPPD PV Completely PL (−) R0 63 DRD
8 Ph CHA, PHA SSPPD CHA, PHA, RHA, PV Partial PL (−) R0 31 ARD
9 Ph CHA SSPPD CHA, PV Partial PLcha (+) R0 18 DRD
10 Pb SMA DP-CAR Ce, PV Completely PLce (+) R0 32 AFD
11 Pb SMA DP-CAR Ce, PV Completely PLce (+) R0 15 ARD
12 Ph CHA SSPPD CHA, LHA, MHA, PV Partial PLcha (+) R0 11 AFD
  1. Ce ceriac artery, GDA gastro-duodenal artery, CHA common hepatic artery, PHA proper hepatic artery, RHA right hepatic artery, LHA left hepatic artery, MHA middle hepatic artery, PV portal vein, AFD alive free of disease, ARD alive with recurrent disease, DRD dead of recurrent disease