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Table 1 Antibodies used in this study

From: Diagnostic and prognostic features in adrenocortical carcinoma: a single institution case series and review of the literature

Antibody Company and clone Target retrieval solution (TRS) Detection Dilution Link to spec sheet
Beta catenin Dako, B-catenin-1 High Flex 1:200 Monoclonal mouse anti-human beta-catenin, clone β-catenin-1
Inhibin Dako, R1 High Flex 1:5 Monoclonal mouse anti-human inhibin α, clone R1
Ki67 Dako, MIB1 High Flex 1:50 Monoclonal mouse anti-human Ki-67 antigen, clone MIB-1
Ki67 decal Dako, MIB1 High Flex 1:20 Same as above
p53 Dako, D0-7 High Flex 1:100 Monoclonal mouse anti-human p53 protein, clone DO-7
SF-1 Invitrogen Dako3in1 high pH on Dako PT instrument Dako-envision + mouse 1:150 Monoclonal mouse [Mm] IgG1 anti-human clone N1665
  1. IgG1, immunoglobulin G1; SF-1, steroidogenic factor-1.