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Table 1 Patients' data.

From: The adverse effect of an unplanned surgical excision of foot soft tissue sarcoma

Case Age Sex Diagnosis LC CC Stage FNCLCC grade Size FSM LP Chem RT Follow-up (months) Prog Group
1 25 M RMS 4 Uncertain II-B 3 S amp No No Yes 6 DOD UT
2 46 F SS 5 Mass II-B 3 S amp No Yes No 7 DOD UT
3 50 M LPS 3 Mass I-B 1 B wide Yes No No 24 CDF PT
4 2 F RMS 4 Swelling III-B 3 S no op Yes Yes Yes 11 DOD PT
5 33 M CCS 5 Mass II-B 2 B amp No No No 128 CDF PT
6 41 M SS 4 Mass I-B 2 S ad Yes No No 89 CDF UT
7 10 M FS 3 Mass II-B 2 B wide Yes Yes No 170 CDF PT
8 67 M CSSP 4 Uncertain II-B 2 B amp No No No 7 DOC PT
9 42 M LMS 4 Pain, mass II-B 2 B amp No Yes No 38 DOD PT
10 39 F SS 4 Tenderness II-B 2 B ad Yes Yes No 92 AWD UT
11 47 M SS 4 Mass II-B 3 B amp No No No 110 CDF PT
12 19 F CCS 2 Tenderness II-B 2 S ad Yes No Yes 84 NED UT
13 66 M ESMCS 4 Uncertain I-B 1 B wide Yes No Yes 12 AWD PT
14 14 M DFSP 3 Mass II-A 2 B wide Yes No No 13 CDF PT
  1. Patients are in chronological order. LC, location; CC, chief complaint; FNCLCC grade, Fédération Nationale des Centres de Lutte Contre le Cancer Grading System; FSM, final surgical margin; LP, limb preservation; Chem, chemotherapy; RT, radiation therapy; Prog, Prognosis. CCS, Clear cell sarcoma; CSSP, chondrosarcoma of soft part; DFSP, dermatofibrosarcoma protuberance; ESMCS, extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma; FS, fibrosarcoma; LMS, leiomyosarcoma; LPS, liposarocoma; RMS, rhabdomyosarcoma; SS, synovial sarcoma. Tumor size: S, < 3 cm; B, ≥3 cm; amp, amputation; wide, wide resection; no op, no operation; ad, additional wider resection; AWD, alive with disease; CDF, complete disease free; NED, no evidence of disease; DOD, died of disease; DOC, died of other causes. PT, planned excision; UT, unplanned excision.