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Table 1 Tissues collected at the time of biopsy and resection of a known or suspected malignancy at the time of 18F-FDG-directed surgery.

From: Multimodal imaging and detection approach to 18F-FDG-directed surgery for patients with known or suspected malignancies: a comprehensive description of the specific methodology utilized in a single-institution cumulative retrospective experience

Tissue designation Abbreviation Description of tissue designation
Whole Surgically Resected Specimen WSRS Intact tissue removed as a biopsy specimen or as a resected specimen
Research Designated Tissue RDT An approximately 5 mm thick representative portion of tissue from the WSRS which contained both gross tumor and normal appearing tissue
Sectioned Research Designated Tissue SRDT Sectioned pieces of tissue that resulted when the RDT was cut into multiple portions of tissue that were of a size that would allow each such sectioned piece of tissue to fit into an individual pathology cassette (i.e., approximately 1.0 cm × 1.0 cm × 0.5 cm)