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Table 5 Multifactorial analysis - Weibull Hazard Models for main effects and 2-way interactions. (Likelihood Ratios are calculated in comparison with the main effects model in Table 5)

From: Young patients with colorectal cancer have poor survival in the first twenty months after operation and predictable survival in the medium and long-term: Analysis of survival and prognostic markers

Model Type III Analysis of Effects Log Likelihood p (Likelihood Ratio)
1 Factors p   
  Neoadjuvant therapy (D) 0.0062 -44.301 0.1568
  Resection Margin positivity (R) 0.0324   
  AJCC Stage IV vs. III or less (S) 0.2256   
  D*R 0.1649   
2 Neoadjuvant therapy (D) 0.0569 -45.294 0.8933
  Resection Margin positivity (R) 0.5757   
  AJCC Stage IV vs. III or less (S) 0.1435   
  R*S 0.8890   
3 Neoadjuvant therapy (D) 0.6231 -45.294 0.8933
  Resection Margin positivity (R) 0.1646   
  AJCC Stage IV vs. III or less (S) 0.1423   
  D*S 0.8890   
4 Neoadjuvant therapy (D) 0.0955 -44.232 0.5434
  Resection Margin positivity (R) 0.0974   
  AJCC Stage IV vs. III or less (S) 0.1856   
  D*R 0.1522   
  R*S -   
  S*D -