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Table 1 Summary of the most common methods in identifying the facial nerve trunk.

From: The stylomastoid artery as an anatomical landmark to the facial nerve during parotid surgery: a clinico-anatomic study

Surface landmarks Intra-operative landmarks Using instruments
   • Temporomandibular joint    • Retromandibular vein    • Use nerve stimulator
   • Mastoid process    • Tragal pointer    • Use of nerve monitor
   • Angle of the mandible    • Tympanomastoid fissure  
   • Transverse process of the axis    • Styloid process  
     • Posterior belly of the Digastric  
     • Retograde dissection of a Peripheral branch to the main trunk  
     • Temporoparotid facia  
     • Extension of dissection from the vertical portion of the facial nerve within the mastoid (diagastric ridge)  
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