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Table 1 Examples of the statements of each scale used

From: Body image disturbance and surgical decision making in egyptian post menopausal breast cancer patients

Breast impact of treatment scale (BITS) Impact of Event Scale (IES) Situational Discomfort Scale (SDS) Body Satisfaction Scale (BSS)
Intrusive response questions:
- Things I see or hear remind me that my body is different.
- How my body has changed pops into my mind.
Avoidant response questions: measured limited cognitive experience, subjective awareness of emotions surrounding the event, as "I feel self conscious about letting my partner see my scar", denial surrounding the event as "I avoid looking at and touching my scar"
- I had waves of strong feelings about it and I knew that a lot of unresolved feelings were still there, but I kept them under wraps.
- I had dreams about it.
- I felt as if it hadn't happened or wasn't real.
- I was aware that I still had a lot of feelings about it, but I didn't deal with them.
- looking at your chest in the mirror when you are unclothed.
- Undressed in front of other women.
- Undressed in front of your partner.
- Letting other women see the surgical site.
- Letting partner see the surgical site.
Pick the description which currently prescribes how you regard your body:
The size of your breast.
The shape of your breast.
General. Appearance.