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Table 2 Clinical applications of radioguided surgery using gamma detection probe technology

From: A comprehensive overview of radioguided surgery using gamma detection probe technology

Clinical applications Specific type(s) of radioguided surgery applications
Cutaneous malignancies  
   Malignant melanoma RGSLNB, FDGDS
   Merkel cell carcinoma RGSLNB
   Other cutaneous malignancies RGSLNB
Gastrointestinal malignancies  
   Colorectal cancer RIGS, RGSLNB, FDGDS
   Anal cancer RGSLNB
   Esophageal cancer RGSLNB
   Gastric cancer RGSLNB, RIGS, FDGDS
   Pancreatic cancer RIGS
Head and neck malignancies  
   Squamous cell cancer RGSNLB, RIGS, FDGDS
   Parathyroid disease RGS
   Thyroid cancer RGS, FDGDS, RGSLNB
   Parotid gland cancer RGSLNB
Gynecologic malignancies  
   Vulvar cancer RGSLNB
   Vaginal carcinoma RGSLNB
   Cervical cancer RGSLNB
   Endometrial cancer RGSLNB
   Ovarian Cancer RIGS, FDGDS
Urologic malignancies  
   Penile cancer RGSLNB
   Prostate cancer RGSLNB, RIGS
   Testicular cancer RGSLNB, FDGDS
   Bladder cancer RGSLNB
   Renal cell cancer RIGS
Thoracic malignancies  
   Lung cancer RGSLNB, RIGS, RGS, FDGDS
   Pulmonary nodules RGS
Neuroendocrine tumors  
   GEP neuroendocrine tumors RGS
   Bronchial carcinoids RGS
   Neuroblastoma RGS
   Pheochromocytoma RGS
Adrenocortical carcinoma FDGDS
Sarcoma RGSLNB
Brain tumors RGS
Bone lesions RGS
Lymphoma RGS
Monitoring of isolated limb perfusion RGS
  1. RGS, radioguided surgery; RIGS, radioimmunoguided surgery; RGSLNB, radioguided sentinel lymph node biopsy; ROLL, radioguided occult lesion localization; RIME, radioguided intraoperative margins evaluation; FDGDS, 18F-FDG directed surgery; GIST, gastrointestinal stromal tumor; GEP, gastroenteropancreatic