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Table 1 Published cases of Krukenberg tumor with virilization. None of them reported time delay between diagnosis of Krukenberg tumor and virilization.

From: A case of virilization induced by a Krukenberg tumor from gastric cancer

Publication Number of reported cases Pregnancy Year of Publication
Interstitial hemorrhage and rupture of a Krukenberg tumor with virilism. Wagner et al. (21) 1 No 1950
Krukenberg tumor complicating pregnancy; report of a case with androgenic activity. Fox et al. (6) 1 Yes 1965
Virilization coexisting with Krukenberg tumor during pregnancy. Spadoni et al. (20) 1 Yes 1965
Gonadotropin-dependent Krukenberg tumor causing virilization during pregnancy. Connor et al. (19) 1 Yes 1968
Metabolism of testosterone by virilizing Krukenberg tumor of the ovary. Ances at al. (18) 1 No 1968
A case of Krukenberg tumor with virilization aspects. Sani et al. (22) 1 No 1977
Approach to the mechanism of androgen overproduction in a case of Krukenbery tumor responsible for virilization during pregnancy. Forest et al. (16) 1 Yes 1978
Long-interval masculinizing Krukenberg tumor of the ovary. Schoenfeld et al. (12) 1 No 1982
Clinical and ultrastructural findings of an androgenizing Krukenberg tumor in pregnancy. Silva et al. (15) 1 Yes 1988
Tubular Krukenberg tumor in pregnancy with virilization. Fung et al. (14) 1 Yes 1991
Krukenberg tumor in pregnancy with virilization. A case report. De Palma et al. (13) 1 Yes 1995
Krukenberg tumor during pregnancy with maternal and fetal virilization: a difficult diagnosis. A case report. Vauthier-Brouzes et al. (7) 1 Yes 1997
Krukenberg tumors of the ovary: a clinicopathologic analysis of 120 cases with emphasis on their variable pathologic manifestations. Kiyokawa et al. (11) 4 1 of 4 2006