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Table 1 Summarizes the different immunohistochemical antibodies used to confirm the two histological components of the collision tumor of the colon.

From: Collision tumor of the colon – colonic adenocarcinoma and ovarian granulosa cell tumor

Ab/Enzymes Dilution Clone Poly/Monoclonal Animal
Ck-7 1:35 OVTL12-30 Monoclonal Mouse
Ck-20 1:25 KS20-8 Monoclonal Mouse
Low Molecular Weight Keratin 1:50 C51 Monoclonal Mouse
S100 1:4000 N/A Polyclonal Rabbit
Inhibin 1:5 R1 Monoclonal Mouse
Vimentin 1:4000 V9 Monoclonal Mouse
CA125 1:20 M111 Monoclonal Mouse
P53 1:150 DO-7 Monoclonal Mouse
  1. Ck-7, Inhibin, S100, CA125, p53-DakoCytomation; Mississauga, ON
  2. Vimentin, Low Molecular Weight Keratin-Intermedico; Markham, ON
  3. Ck-20-Novacastra; Norwell, MA