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Table 1 Tumour site, Histology and Operation performed in all patients.

From: Female urogenital dysfunction following total mesorectal excision for rectal cancer

Site above anal verge Histology (Dukes) Operation
110 mm A AR
40 mm C LAR
100 mm C LAR
70 mm B LAR
150 mm C AR
30 mm A LAR
40 mm B APE
120 mm B AR
150 mm B AR
50 mm B LAR
30 mm A APE
10 + 120 mm A + B APE
70 mm A LAR
40 mm   APE
70 mm B LAR
60 mm C LAR
60 mm A LAR
40 mm A APE
  1. (AR: Anterior Resection. LAR: Low anterior resection. APE: Abdomino-perineal Excision)