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Table 2 Mean tumor size before and after NACT (Paired sample statistics)

From: Role of p-glycoprotein expression in predicting response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer-a prospective clinical study

Status Mean (n) Std.Deviation Std. Error mean     
Pre NACT tumor size(cm) 8 50 2.7 .50     
Post NACT tumor size(cm) 4.3 50 2.1 .38     
  Paired differences t df Significance (2-tailed)
Paired samples test Mean Std. deviation Std. error mean 95% confidence interval of the difference    
Pair 1: Pre NACT tumor size-Post NACT tumor size 3.677 1.6152 .2949 lower 3.074 upper 4.280 12.468 29 0.000