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Table 1 Clinical information

From: Resection of small plexiform neurofibromas in neurofibromatosis type 1 children

Patient number Sex Age at surgery Tumor location Hyper pigmentation hair growth Size (greatest diameter) Histology post-operative MRI Annual MRI follow up
1 f 5 upper arm right no no 4 cm PNF yes yes
   5 thorax right yes no 4 cm PNF yes yes
2 m 15 Adams apple no no 5 cm PNF no yes
3 f 14 rib bow left no no 4 cm PNF no yes
   14 paraumbilical left no no 3 cm PNF no yes
4 m 3 thigh left yes yes 7 cm PNF no yes
5 m 4 thorax left yes no 2 cm PNF yes yes
6 m 7 back right yes yes 8 cm PNF yes yes
7 m 11 lower arm left yes no 5 cm PNF no only 2003