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Table 3 Radiological characteristics of Castleman's disease

From: Surgical management of abdominal and retroperitoneal Castleman's disease

  Non specific signs Specific signs
Radiography calcification. Star-shaped calcification.
Echography Hypoechogenic and homogenous mass. Central areas of acoustic shadowing (calcification).  
CT scanner Tissue density, Homogenous and well delimited mass. Contrast enhancement beginning in periphery. Star-shaped microcalcifications Star-shaped scar on post-contrast study.
Arteriography Hypervascularity with hypertrophied feeding vessel. Flush beginning in periphery to become diffuse and homogenous during capillary phase.
MRI Hypodense on T1 and hyperdense on T2. Contrast enhancement beginning in periphery. Star-shaped microcalcification or star-shaped hypodense signal on T2.
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