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Table 2 Clinical forms of Castleman's disease

From: Surgical management of abdominal and retroperitoneal Castleman's disease

  Localized form Multifocal form
Mean age (years) 3rd decade 6th decade
Clinical signs Incidental mass effect Systemic symptoms
Localization Mediastinum, cervical or abdominal, etc... Multifocal, mostly peripheric lymph nodes
Histologic type HV, rarely HV-PC PC
Treatment Surgical resection Corticosteroids, chimiotherapy, radiotherapy
Prognosis Excellent: 100% survival at 5 years Poor: median survival of 30 months
Recurrence after treatment Extremely rare, related to incomplete resection Nearly always
Association Rarely lymphoma Frequent: AIDS, Kaposi's sarcoma, lymphoma and myeloma
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