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Table 8 Selective neck dissection (N0 neck)

From: Neck dissections: radical to conservative

Organ Nodal clearance
Oral cavity I, II, III
Tongue I, II, III, !V
Hypopharynx, larynx, oropharynx II, III, IV
Some laryngeal and hypopharyngeal lesions where IIB is not removed IIA, III, IV
Laryngeal, hypopharyngeal extending below glottis II, III, IV, VI
Thyroid, hypopharynx, cervical trachea, cervical esophagus, sub-glottic larynx VI,
Cutaneous carcinoma of posterior scalp and upper neck II – V, Post auricular, Suboccipital
Cutaneous malignancy from pre-auricular, anterior scalp and temporal region II, III, VA, parotid, facial, external jugular nodes
Cutaneous malignancy of anterior or lateral face I, II, III