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Table 5 Comprehensive neck dissection*

From: Neck dissections: radical to conservative

Neck dissection Indication Comments
RND Clinically metastatic neck nodes of upper aero-digestive tract Sternocleidomastoid, accessory nerve, Internal Jugular vein and submandibular gland removed
MRND TYPE I As above, when accessory nerve away from nodal disease Accessory nerve spared. Rest as RND
MRND TYPE II Thyroid well differentiated cancer, nodes selectively involving IJV Sternocleidomastoid, accessory nerve spared. Internal Jugular vein sacrificed. Rest as RND
MRND TYPE III Thyroid well differentiated cancer Sternocleidomastoid, accessory nerve, Internal Jugular vein spared
EXTENDED RND Extensive involvement of nodes beyond usual levels or involvement of contiguous organs Additional lymph nodes** or other non lymphatic structures removed
  1. IJV: internal jugular vein; RND: radical neck dissection
  2. * All procedures involve removal of nodes from level I through V
  3. ** Nodal areas include retropharyngeal, parapharyngeal, mediastinal or axillary, Structures include cranial nerves, carotid artery, muscles, skin etc.
  4. Note: It is recommended to uniformly use the term modified radical neck dissection (MRND) and not classify as I or II or III but instead name the structures preserved.