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Table 1 Cytology of normal hepatocytes and bile duct epithelium.

From: Fine needle aspiration biopsy of liver – an update

  Hepatocytes Bile duct epithelium
Arrangement Singly, 2-dimensional small to large clusters, trabeculae of 2 to 3 cells layer thick Picket fences with nuclear palisading, monolayered honeycomb sheets
Cells Polygonal to round Cuboidal to columnar
Cytoplasm Abundant dense granular* to vacuolated (lipid/glycogen), pigments (lipofusin, bile, or hemosiderin) Scant, pale
Round, centrally located, intranuclear cytoplasmic inclusions, nuclear clearing binucleation Uniform, small, round, more condensed chromatin  
Nucleoli Prominent Inconspicuous
  1. *: cytoplasm appears red-orange, orange-brown, or blue green with Papanicolaou stain, and dark blue with Diff-Quik stain.