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Table 1 Brief details of previous cases of pseudomyxoma extraperitonei reported in literature

From: Pseudomyxoma extraperitonei occurring 35 years after appendicectomy: a case report and review of literature

Author Age / Sex Clinical Presentation Treatment Outcome Perforated Appendix? Histology
Brady [1] 67 M abdominal pain and mass - debulking of tumor
- further debulking 2 years later with chemotherapy
- additional debulking 3 years later
recurrence after 3 years yes mucinous mucocele
Edrees [2] 53 F abdominal mass right hemicolectomy & debulking of tumor with chemotherapy alive and well at 1 year yes mucinous adenocarcinoma
Bonann [3] 37 M tender abdominal mass evacuation of cyst in 2 stage procedure not available yes mucocoele of appendix
Moran [4] 57 M tender abdominal mass - extraperitoneal drainage of cyst
- drained again 3 weeks later with appendicectomy
- further drainage 5 years later with radiotherapy & chemotherapy
alive and well 10 years later yes mucocoele of appendix
Mor [5] 65 M abdominal mass excision of mass with intraperitoneal spillage of mucus not available yes cyst-adenocarcinoma
Early [6] 57 M abdominal mass debulking of tumor alive and well 2 years later yes mucocoele of appendix
Koizumi [7] 46 M abdominal mass - right hemicolectomy
- chemotherapy
recurrence of tumor 3 months later yes mucinous adenocarcinoma
Matsuoka [8] 58 F abdominal mass resection of tumor not available possible mucinous cystadenoma
Shelton [9] 81 M abdominal mass removal of all pseudomyxoma deposits and appendicectomy persistent discharge from wound, survival not available yes mucinous cystadenoma