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Table 1 Royal Marsden Hospital staging of testicular cancer

From: Ten-year experience with testicular cancer at a tertiary care hospital in a resource-limited setting: a single centre experience in Tanzania

Stage Description
I No evidence of metastasis
  IM Rising concentrations of serum markers with no other evidence of metastasis
II Abdominal node metastases
  A <2 cm diameter
  B 2 to 5 cm diameter
  C >5 cm diameter
III Supra-diaphragmatic nodal metastasis
  M Mediastinal
  N Supraclavicular, cervical or axillary
  O No abdominal node metastases
  ABC Node sizes as for definition in stage II
IV Extra-lymphatic metastases
  L1 <3 metastases
  L2 ≥3 metastases, <2 cm diameter
  L3 ≥3 metastases, one or more of which is >2 cm diameter
  1. Stage IV subgroups include H+ (liver metastases), Br + (brain metastases), Bo + (bone).