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Table 1 Previous reported treatment of fibrous dysplasia by en bloc resection

From: En bloc resection and bone graft: does it alter the natural history of monostotic expansile fibrous dysplasia in children?

References Number of cases Sex Age (years) Sites of lesion Procedure Recurrence
Verma and Paul [15] 1 F 39 Metacarpal En bloc resection, autograft No
Gebert et al. [16] 1 F 17 Radius En bloc resection, autograft No
Koskinen [17] 12 N/A Adult Limb long bones En bloc resection, allograft No
Traibi et al. [20] 7 6 M, 1 F 17-40 Ribs Rib resection No
Furukawa et al. [21] 1 F 27 Rib Rib resection No
Ayadi-Kaddour et al. [22] 10 5 M, 5 F 27-52 Rib Rib resection No
Current report 2 M 2.5, 6 Ulna, fibula En bloc resection and autograft Yes
  1. F, female; M, male; N/A, the data was not shown in the reference.