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Table 1 Reports of forequarter amputation for curative treatment of axillary recurrence breast cancer

From: Curative use of forequarter amputation for recurrent breast cancer over an axillary area: a case report and literature review

Reference Number of patients Age/Gender Diagnosis Indication Wound complication Local recurrence Survival
Pressman [2] 2 55/F Recurrent Curative None delayed healing None A (48 months)
A (36 months)
Sakamura et al. [3] 1 57/F Recurrent Curative Flap fringe necrosis None D (22 Months)
Goodman et al. [5] 1 56/F Recurrent Curative wound care flap necrosis None A (35 months)
Ayvaz et al. [4] 1 54/M Recurrent Curative Not mentioned Lung metastasis at 6 months D (11 months)
Tsai et al. [current study] 1 52/F Recurrent Curative None None A (36 months)
  1. A: alive; D: dead.