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Figure 1

From: Breast cancer arising within fibroadenoma: collective analysis of case reports in the literature and hints on treatment policy

Figure 1

Flowchart of the search strategy. We initially identified 861 articles in the databases searched according to the keywords used. We excluded 801 articles after title screening because they did not mention fibroadenoma-related carcinoma, leaving 60 articles retrieved that described a significant relationship between fibroadenoma and carcinoma. We excluded 22 articles for lack of case details, even in the abstracts; 5 articles for no case data in the main text; 3 articles for focusing on other rare cancers linked to fibroadenoma; and 9 articles because they were case analyses or reviews. Thus, 24 cases from 21 studies were included, together with our 6 cases, which gave us a total of 30 cases for the final analysis.

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