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Table 1 Demographic data of the 36 patients

From: Clinical and survival analysis of 36 cases of primary fallopian tube carcinoma

Demographic character Data
Age (years): Mean: 57.2, Range: 42 to 72
Menopause: 25 postmenopausal (69.4%)
Pathology: 9 postmenopausal vaginal bleeding or irregular vaginal bleeding (25.0%)
12 vaginal discharge (33.3%)
9 abdominal distension or abdominal pain (25.0%)
1 back pain
4 asymptomatic yet with pelvic mass (11.1%)
1 poorly differentiated carcinoma
Preoperative screening: 28 preoperative cervical TCT 6 curettage
Surgical method: 1 left oophorectomy and partial omentum resection
35 uterine double oophorectomy
31 pelvic an/or aortic lymph node dissection
35 full or partial omental resection
20 cytoreductive surgery
Adjuvant therapies:  
Chemotherapy: 1 one-course preoperative neoadjuvant chemotherapy
35 four- to eight-course postoperative chemotherapy
31 TP
4 cisplatin and PC, or cisplatin, PC and PAC
Radiotherapy: 1 radiotherapy after six-course chemotherapy
  1. Abbreviation: TCT thinpprep cytology test, TP taxol and cisplatin, PC cisplatin and cyclophosphamide, PAC cisplatin, adriamycin and cyclophosphamide.