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Figure 2 | World Journal of Surgical Oncology

Figure 2

From: Complete remission of diffuse hepatocellular carcinoma in a young adult after GSP-TACE: a case report

Figure 2

Hepatic artery angiography. (a) Hepatic arteriogram shows infiltrative tumor staining in the whole hepatic lobe. Transarterial chemoembolization was performed with a mixture of 30 mg GSPs and 10 mg pirarubicin. (b) After GSP embolization, digital subtraction angiography showed that the feeding artery of the tumor was completely blocked. (c) 1 month later, a follow-up angiogram shows almost complete disappearance of tumor vascularity. (d) A second and final GSP-TACE was performed. After that, the feeding artery of the tumor was completely blocked again.

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