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Table 1 List of three histological types of malignant neoplasm in six organs

From: Multiple primary malignant neoplasms of the glottis, renal pelvis, urinary bladder, oral floor, prostate, and esophagus in a Japanese male patient: a case report

Month/Year Organ Histology Immunoreactivity of p53 ICD-O-3 pT-stage
Site code Histology code
April/2006 Glottis SCC Diffusely positive C320 8071/31 pT1
April/2008 Renal pelvis UC Weakly positive C659 8120/33 pT3
October/2008 Urinary bladder UC Weakly positive C675 8120/32 pTa
C676 8120/23 pTis
January/2010 Oral floor SCC Completely negative C041 8071/31 pT1
January/2010 Prostate AC Not examined C619 8140/32 pT1a
June/2010 Esophagus    C154 8070/31 pT1
Upper: 22 cm from incisor SCC Diffusely positive
  Middle: 30 cm from incisor SCC Completely negative  
  1. We classified malignant neoplasms by the International Classification of Diseases for Oncology version 3 (ICD-O-3)[6]. The T-stage was based on the Union for International Cancer Control TNM classification of malignant tumors (7th Edition)[7].
  2. SCC, Squamous cell carcinoma; UC, Urothelial carcinoma; AC, Adenocarcinoma.