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Table 1 Clinical summary of reported ten cases with epithelioid angiosarcoma in the bone

From: Aggressive clinical course of epithelioid angiosarcoma in the femur: a case report

Mean age (range) Sex (male/female) Solitary (4/10; 40%) Multifocal (6/10; 60%) Metastasis 7/9 (78%) Died of disease 7/9 (78%)
62 years old (26 to 83) 8/2 Reported sites in more than one case Time to death
Femur Femur Lung 7 weeks to 27 months
Tibia Soft tissue
Pelvis Bone
Reported sites in one case Time to death (<2 years)
Calcaneus Scapula Lymph node 6/7 (86%)
Carpal bone
Metacarpal bone
   Lumbar vertebra
  1. The table is modified from Table one in reference [7].