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Table 1 Clinical data of patients with metastatic involvement of the thyroid

From: Metastasis of distal esophageal carcinoma to the thyroid with presentation simulating primary thyroid carcinoma: a case report and review of the literature

Source Age (yr) Sex Site of primary lesion Type of secondary thyroid surgery Pathology results from thyroid specimen Outcomes (months)*
Present case 61 M Esophagus Palliative bilateral NT + tracheostomy SCC 11
Shuangshoti S et al. 1982 [9] 58 M Esophagus TT + ipsilateral CL SCC 5
Yamada T et al. 1999 [10] 74 F Esophagus ST + Bilateral CL SCC /
Basu S et al. 2005 [11] 55 F Esophagus NA SCC NA
Cumbo-Nacheli G et al. 2007 [12] 32 M Esophagus NA Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma NA
Yoshida A et al. 1989 [7] 71 M Stomach ST Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma 7
Ok E et al. 2000 [13] 60 F Stomach Bilateral ST Undifferentiated carcinoma (with signet-ring cells) 1.5
Lee HC et al. 2010 [15] 71 M Stomach Bilateral NT Poorly differentiated carcinoma 4
Ihn MH et al. 2009 [14] 63 F Stomach NA Undifferentiated carcinoma (with signet-ring cells) 6
Poiana C et al. 2011 [16] 70 F Stomach NA Poorly differentiated neuroendocrine carcinoma (with small cells) NA
  1. *Follow up since diagnosis of intrathyroid metastases; NA, no data available; NT, near-total thyroidectomy; ST, subtotal thyroidectomy; TT, total thyroidectomy; CL, cervical lymphadenectomy.