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Table 1 Previous reports of osteosarcoma gastric metastasis

From: Metastasis of osteosarcoma to stomach made clinically evident by hematemesis: a case report

Authors Agea) Sex Primary site Durationb), months Sizec), cm Ulcer on surface Symptoms
Overberg-Schmidt et al. 11 female femor 14 4 Yes hematemesis, anemia
Strong et al. 17 male femor 30 3 Yes tarry stools, vomiting, anemia
Horiuchi et al. 15 male humerus 30 - Yes abdominal pain
Our case 73 male sternum 11 2.5 Yes hematemesis, asymptomatic anemia
  1. aAge at diagnosis of primary tumor; bduration from operation of primary tumor to diagnosis of gastric metastasis; csize of gastric metastasis.