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Table 3 Characteristics of six patients with local recurrence after intersphincteric resection (ISR)

From: Analysis of the clinical factors associated with anal function after intersphincteric resection for very low rectal cancer

Patient TNM T stage Histological type Surgical procedure Distal resection margin, mm Circumferential resection margin, mm Localization Distant metastases Treatment Outcome
1 IIA T3 G2 tISR + pESR 7 2 Pelvic wall NS CRT 45 months, O
2 IIIB T3 G2 sISR + pESR 25 2 Pelvic wall NS CRT 70 months, S
3 IIIB T3 G2 pISR 12 5 Pelvic wall Bone, lung Cx 31 months, P
4 IIA T3 G2 pISR 10 0.5 Lateral node Adrenal gland Cx 36 months, P
5 I T2 G1 pISR 3 6 Anastomosis NS APR 22 months, S
6 IIB T3 G1 pISR 3 0.5 Lateral node NS CRT 17 months, S
  1. Distal resection margins and circumferential resection margins were measured on the histological slides.
  2. APR = abdominoperineal resection; CRT = chemoradiotherapy; Cx = chemotherapy; ESR = external intersphincteric resection; ISR = intersphincteric resection; NS = not stated; O = other origin of death; P = primary death; S = survived.