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Table 2 Assessment of methodological quality of included trials

From: Effects of manual lymphatic drainage on breast cancer-related lymphedema: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Study Study design Data analysis Allocation generation Allocation concealment Blinding Lost to follow-up
Andersen, 2000 RCT ITT Unclear Unclear None reported 9.5% at 12 months
Devoogdt, 2011 RCT ITT Adequate Adequate Assessor blinded 4% at 12 months
Didem, 2005 RCT PP Sealed envelopes Adequate Patient blinded 5.4% at 1 months
Johansson, 1998 RCT PP Unclear Unclear None reported None
Johansson, 1999 RCT PP Inadequate Unclear None reported None
McNeely, 2004 RCT PP Computer-generated Adequate Assessor blinded 11.1% at 1 months
Williams, 2002 RCT crossover PP Unclear Unclear None reported None
Sitzia, 2002 RCT PP Computer-generated Adequate None reported 3.6% at 2 weeks
Szolnoky, 2009 RCT ITT Unclear Unclear None reported None
Torres Lacomba, 2010 RCT PP Computer-generated Unclear Assessor blinded 3.3% at 12 months
  1. Abbreviations: PP, per-protocol; RCT, randomized controlled trial; ITT, intention-to-treat.