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Table 1 Literature review of cardiac metastasis from cervical cancer cases

From: Intracardiac metastasis from known cervical cancer: a case report and literature review

Author(year) Age Stage Type Primary Tx Interval to cardiac metastasis Recurrence diagnosis modality Pathology confirmation by Recurrence Tx Cause of death Time to death from cardiac metastasis Chief complaint for cardiac metastasis Overall survival
Ando et al. [6] 41 IIB SCC Op. 8M MRI scan Autopsy CTx RHF 5M Dyspnea 13M
Lemus et al. [7] 53 Ib2 SCC Op. 14M MRI scan Autopsy CCRT RHF 1M Dyspnea 15M
Lemus et al. [7] 49 IVB SCC ERT 3M MRI & CT scan No autopsy CCRT RHF 7M Dyspnea &tachycardia 13M
Inamura et al. [8] 58 IB1 SCC CTx 44M Echocardiogram and chest CT Open excision None RHF 4M Dyspnea &purpura of extremity 48M
Nakao et al.[9] 57 IIIB SCC CCRT 10M Echocardiogram and chest CT Open excision None RHF 2M Mild chest pain & shortness of breath 12M
Borsaru et al. [10] 42 IVB SCC CCRT 6M Echocardiogram and chest CT Open excision * * * * *
Kim et al. [11] 64 IB1 SCC CCRT 5M Echocardiogram, TEE and chest CT Pericardiocentesis CTx RHF 7M Dry cough&dyspnea 12M
Miller et al. [12] 48 Ib2 Adeno CCRT 48M MRI scan Transesophageal echocardiography- guided biopsy CTx/RT RHF 8M Chest pain 56M
Current study (2011) 32 IIA SCC Op. 15M Echocardiogram and chest CT Open excision CTx Cachexia 13M Dyspnea &purpura of extremity 32M
  1. *no available data. Adeno, adenocarcinoma; CCRT, concurrent chemoradiotherapy; CT, computed tomography; CTx, chemotherapy;ERT, external radiotherapy; M, months; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; Op., operation; RHF, right heart failure; SCC, squamous cell carcinoma; TEE, transesophageal.Echocardiogram; Tx, therapy.