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Table 1 Previous Reported cases of PCSRCC

From: A new case of primary signet-ring cell carcinoma of the cervix with prominent endometrial and myometrial involvement: Immunohistochemical and molecular studies and review of the literature

Authors Age (yrs) Presenting symptoms Histological features associated
FIGO stage
HPV ER/PGR Treatment Outcome
Moll et al (1990) 50 Post-coital vaginal bleeding, menometrorrhagia III (metastases of ovary and lymph nodes) Not done Not done Surgery and whole pelvic irradiation DOD 10 mo
Mayorga et al (1997) 68
Post-coital bleeding
Post-menopausal bleeding
Not done
Not done
Not done
Not done
Preoperative chemotherapy and surgery
NED 35 mo
NED 25 mo
Haswani et al (1998) 33
Asymptomatic AGC-NOS on a routine vaginal smear)
Post-coital vaginal bleeding
In both cases previous cervical condylomas
Adenosquamous ca, III, N1
Ib N1
HPV type 18 by PCR
Not done
Palliative radio and chemotherapy
Surgery and radiotherapy
DOD 10 mo
NED 18 mo
Cardosi et al. (1999) 53 Perimenopausal bleeding neuroendocrine differentiation
Not done +/+ Surgery, radiotherapy Chemotherapy NED 6 mo
Moritani et al (2004) 29 Persistent abnormal genital bleeding glassy cell component
III b N1
- by immunohistochemistry -/- Chemotherapy NED 6 mo
Insabato et al (2007) 46 Vaginal bleeding
in cervical polypoid lesion
Ib Not done Not Done Surgery radiotherapy Chemotherapy NED 3 yrs
Suárez-Peñaranda (2007) 80 Vaginal discharge neuroendocrine differentiation IIIb Not done Not Done Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy DOD 18 mo
McCluggage WG et al (2008) NR Two cases NR Foci of signet-ring cell in the usual type of cervical adenocarcinoma
Diffuse positivity to P16
Not done Not Done NR NR
Versas E et al
Thromboembolic events (Trousseau Syndrome)Metastases of lung and lymph nodes   + HPV by in situ
DOD 7 wks
DOD 2 mo
Balci et al (2010) 53 Post-menopausal bleeding (0% of neoplasms with SRC II b3x 5 × 2 parametrio N1 HPV type 18 -/- Surgery NR
  1. AGC-NOS: Atypical Glandular Cells not otherwise specified
  2. AIS: adenocarcinoma in situ
  3. DOD: dead of disease
  4. HSIL: High-grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion
  5. HPV: human papilloma virus
  6. Mo: months NED: not evidence of disease
  7. NR: not reported
  8. PCR: Polymerase chain reaction amplification
  9. Yrs: years
  10. Wks: weeks