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Table 1 Demographics, tumor site, size, and pathology results for patients included in this study

From: Intraoperative portable ultrasonography localization of clinically impalpable soft-tissue tumors

Patientnumber Age/Sex Site Maximum tumordimension onimaging, mm Finalhistopathologicaldiagnosis
1 61/M Forearm (BEA1 stump) 20 Neuroma
2 53/M Forearm (BEA1 stump) 20 Intraneural perineuroma
3 18/M Poplitealfossa 16 Glomus tumor
4 2/F Thigh 28 Rhabdomyosarcoma
5 44/F Forearm 10 Schwannoma
6 46/M Poplitealfossa 16 Schwannoma
7 40/F Shouldergirdle 20 Malignant peripheralnerve-sheath tumor
  1. 1Below-elbow amputation.