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Table 1 Patient characteristics and surgical outcomes

From: Laparoscopic spleen-preserving No. 10 lymph node dissection for advanced proximal gastric cancer in left approach: a new operation procedure

Variable Data
Number 32
Age, years (mean±SD) 59.2±12.5
male 26
female 6
Depth of invasion  
T2 12
T3 20
Lymph node metastasis  
N0 10
N1 10
N2 4
N3 8
BMI,kg/m2 (mean±SD) 22.1±3.5
Operation time, minutes (mean±SD) 206.4±54.3
Blood loss, ml (mean±SD) 68.2±34.1
Number of dissected lymph nodes, number (mean±SD) 35.4±9.7
Number of positive lymph nodes, number (mean±SD) 5.9±8.3
Number of dissected splenic lymph nodes, number (mean±SD) 2.8±2.1
Number of positive splenic lymph nodes, number (mean±SD) 0.6±1.2
Postoperative hospital stay, days (mean±SD) 11.3±1.5
The time to first flatus, days (mean±SD) 3.8±0.6
The time to ambulation, days (mean±SD) 1.3±0.6
Postoperative complications, number 3
abdominal infection,number 1
pulmonary infection,number 2
Postoperative morbidity rate,% 9.4
  1. BMI, body mass index; SD, standard deviation.