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Table 3 Estimated cost savings per patient with the use of immunonutrition

From: Immunonutrition for patients undergoing elective surgery for gastrointestinal cancer: impact on hospital costs

  Cost Savings per Patient by Costing Method a  
Population Cost Savings Due to Reduced Hospital LOS Cost Savings Due to Lower Infectious Complication Rates
Base-case estimates   
Waitzberg et al.[4]. $6,000 $3,300
ΔLOS = 2.18; ICR, 14.71% vs. 31.32%   
Estimates using lower LOS and infectious complication rates for the control populationb   
Upper + lower GI $3,200 $1,600
ΔLOS = 1.21; ICR, 5.2% vs. 11.2%   
Upper GI only $6,300 $4,300
ΔLOS = 1.78; ICR, 7.9% vs.17.1%   
Lower GI only $2,800 $1,200
ΔLOS = 1.14; ICR, 4.8% vs. 10.4%   
  1. Abbreviations: Δ, absolute difference; GI gastrointestinal; HCUP Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project; ICR infectious complication rate for perioperative immunonutrition vs. standard nutrition; LOS length of stay.
  2. a Rounded to the nearest $100.
  3. b Infectious complication rates and length of stay for the control population taken from 2008 HCUP NIS values presented in Table2 and relative risk of infectious complications and percentage reduction in length of stay presented in Table1 and taken from Waitzberg et al.[4].