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Table 1 Clinical and histological characteristics of the patients

From: Parathyroid involvement in thyroid cancer: an unforeseen event

Patient Age Sex Stage Type of TC Cervical infiltration LN meta- Distant meta- Follow-up (years)
1* 62 f IV FTC F, V, M no L, B 7
2 57 f III FTC C, V no no 10
3 55 f III FTC C no no 4.5
4 56 m III PTC C yes no 3
5 42 f I PTC C, F yes no 2.5
6 71 f III PTC C, F, N, M yes no 1
7 17 m II PTC C, F, N, M yes L 1
8 18 f I PTC C, F no no 11
9 68 f III PTC C, F, N, M no no 1
10 76 f IV ATC C, F, N, M yes no 1
  1. TC, thyroid cancer; LN, lymph node; f, female, m, male; FTC, follicular thyroid cancer; PTC, papillary thyroid cancer; ATC, anaplastic thyroid cancer; F, fat tissue; V, vessels; M, muscle; C, thyroid capsule; N, nerves; L, lung; B, brain. *Patient 1 is deceased because of brain metastases.