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Table 2 Stage of disease at initial presentation and status of disease on referral to the tertiary cancer center, among women diagnosed with breast carcinoma (age <75 years at diagnosis) who refused primary standard treatments in the NAHR, 1980–2006

From: Outcome analysis of breast cancer patients who declined evidence-based treatment

Clinical stage of patient group at initial presentation Number of patients by stage of disease
Number of patients (n = 87) Duration of CAM therapy or delaying treatment (in weeks) Median (range) Stage on referral to the cancer clinic
Biopsy only (n = 57)    
I (including DCIS) 16 62 (41–101) II/III A/B (6)
II 22 Unknown IV
III 19 Unknown IV
IV 0 Unknown -
  1. Unknown patients do not return for follow-up evaluation; CAM complementary and alternative medicine; RT radiotherapy; CT chemotherapy range (= difference between maximum and minimum values).