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Table 2 Essential equipment list

From: Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP): A Technical Update

Video tower and camera
Holmium laser unit (must have 80–100 watt maximum power)
550 μ holmium laser fiber
550 μ laser fiber stripper
26 to 28 F continuous flow resectoscope sheath with modified inner sheath (containing laser fiber stabilizing bridge)
30 degree cystoscope lens
7 F laser fiber stabilizing catheter (Cook Urological, Incorporated, Spencer, Indiana)
Van Buren sounds
Ellik evacuator
Stone basket, model FG-24SX-1 (Olympus)
11 F Alligator grasper (Karl Storz)
Offset rigid nephroscope (Karl Storz)
Morcellator (Lumenis)
Normal saline irrigant (3 liter bags)
20 F, 2-way Foley catheter (30 cc balloon)
Catheter guide