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Table 1 Review-published Cases of Parotid Plasmacytomas

From: Solitary Plasmacytoma of the Parotid Gland with Crystalline Inclusions: A Case Report

Author Sex/Age Treatment
1-Ustun MO et al. [15] F/77 S+R
2-Hari CK, Roblin DG. [14] F/77 S
3-Gonzalez-Garcia J et al. [13] M/63 S+R
4-El-Naggar AK [4] M/73 S
5-Kerr PD, Dort JC [12] F/73 S+R
6-Rothfield RE et al. [10] M/53 S
7-Simi U et al. [9] M/58 S
8-Scholl P, Jafek BW [8] F/60 S
9-Ebbers J [7] M/68 R
10-Kanoh et al. [6] F/78 S+R
11-Edney JA et al [5] M/38 S
12-Ferlito A et al [4] M/47 S+R+Ch
13-Pahor AL. [3] F/61 M/69 S+Ch R
14-Vainio-Mattila J [2] F/74 S+R
  1. S = Surgery R = Radio therapy Ch = Chemo therapy